Our 2 conductors speaker wire features made of high purity (greater than 99.95% pure), oxygen-free bare copper. Pure Bare Copper is a superior conductor to the copper clad aluminum (CCA) conductors used in most other inexpensive speaker wire. CCA is only about 68% as conductive as pure bare copper. This additional resistance is added to the impedance of your speakers and can negatively effect the sound.

MutecPower - Speaker Wires CL2 Rated UL Listed
​Oxygen Free Copper (For In-Wall Installation).

- Real 99.99% Oxygen Free Bare Copper Wire (not cca)
- UL Listed & Certified Rohs
- CL2 rated jacket conforms with fire safety regulations
and is safe for use within the walls/ceiling of residential class ​buildings.
- High strand count for better signal transfer and flexibility

Speaker Wires

Outdoor Speaker Wires

Banana Plugs

OUTDOOR Direct Burial Speaker Wires 12 / 14 / 16 AWG - Waterproof UV protected CL3 Rated - UL Listed - OFC

Professional 2-Conductor waterproof speaker wire.

Connect speakers to AV receivers and amplifiers for crystal clear

clarity and maximum conductivity.
CL3 RATED: CL3 rating permits in-wall and underground installation

in commercial and residential spaces. UL Listed & Certified Rohs.

copper alloy conductors are free of 99.9% Oxygen preventing

corrosion to the cable and ensuring maximum conductivity. (Not CCA) 

This lack of oxygen protects our wires from the harmful effects of

corrosion while allowing for maximum conductivity and less power

from your amplifier or electrical output.
DURABLE FLEXIBLE INSULATED JACKET: Encased in flexible plastic

for easy installation around tight angles and corners. Casing is clearly

marked in 1 meter intervals for accurate measuring.

​​These Silverback banana plugs have the quality you've come to expect from Mutec,
​including; gold plated connectors, a heavy duty, but light casing, and a tight cable-screw design.
What sets these banana plugs apart is its unique 2 screw lock design. This connection will secure
your cable more than a single screw, or open screw design. Dual screw connectivity provides a
secure connection, durability, and the most crisp and clear signal possible with more signal
​transmission through contact.
Our best banana plug yet!
How to Install Silverback Banana Plugs:
Unscrew the jacket to reveal the core of the Silverback Banana Plug.Feed the bare conductor of the speaker wire into the core of the banana plug. (loosen the 2 small screws to accomodate the size of your speaker wire if needed).Tighten the 2 screws to secure the speaker wire to the core of the Silverback Banana Plug. Replace the jacket over the core.Your Silverback Banana Plug is ready for connection. All in all you should only need 30 seconds for this entire operation.
What Are Banana Plugs?
Today, many electronics use the banana plug interface, also known as binding post (referring to this connection in its female form). This female binding post connection that accepts this banana plug is found commonly on virtually all audio/video receivers, speaker wall plates, and more.Banana plugs offer an alternative to inserting a bare speaker wire into the equipment. Often a bare speaker connection is not as reliable as a guaranteed banana plug connection. Wires tend to get pulled out or frizzy after time passes. Banana plugs require only one install, giving you a permanent and robust connector at the end of your speaker wire.​

MutecPower Open-Screw Banana Plugs
Ensure the best connection between your speaker cable and your receiver unit with these open-screw banana plugs. Banana plugs also ensure that you'll only have to wire your speakers up once, rather than stuff the unterminated speaker cable into your receiver and hope that it never comes out.
Easy To Install
Banana plugs make installing speakers much easier. Instead of unscrewing the connectors
in the back of your receiver and wrapping the speaker conductor around those screws,
utilize the banana plug holes with these banana plugs.
Attaching the banana plug to the speaker itself is easy. These open faced banana plugs
allow you to simply feed some of the bare copper conductor into the hole and clamp it
down with the screw.
Daisy Chain
Each banana plug also features a female banana plug connection on the bottom, allowing
you to connect multiple speakers from a single speaker output. This serves as a splitter,
​ allowing you to mirror the sound as many times as necessary.
Available in various packet sizes: 6pack, 12pack, 24pack, 36pack

​MutecPower Pro Banana plugs
                                            Get the most out of your home audio system by ensuring the best connection from your speaker cable to your                                                     receiver with the MutecPower Banana plugs. Using self crimping teeth these plugs provide a simple, secure,                                                     and low profile connection without requiring soldering or screws. These 1.6" inch plugs are extremely low                                                           profile making it so you can put your speakers or receiver closer to the wall. Unlike other banana plugs that use                                               low quality metals like zinc alloy the MutecPower Banana plugs are high quality brass with 24k gold plating.
                                            Available in various packet sizes: 6pack, 12pack, 24pack, 36pack